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Sunnyfields Primary

Rights Respecting

We are very proud of the fact that Sunnyfields in a Rights Respecting School. We have been inspected and judged worthy of the highly regarded Rights Respecting School Award run by UNICEF and awarded Gold!

We place children's rights at the heart of all that we do.   

Children are invited to become Rights Ambassadors in order to promote children's rights within the school and the wider community. In collaboration with the School Council, Rights Ambassadors have helped establish a set of agreements that underpin the school ethos; the School Charter. All adults and children within the school adhere to the principles enshrined within the School Charter. Each year-group displays their own Class Charter within the classroom to remind everyone what has been agreed between the occupants. The school and class charters link to the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.

The School Charter

At Sunnyfields, we aim to ensure all children enjoy their rights and show respect to the articles below so that other children access their rights.

Promoting Children's Rights

We believe that it is essential for children to understand their rights, and simultaneously, to respect the rights of their classmates. 

Sunnyfields promotes children's rights across school by ensuring that our young students become aware of their rights in the classroom and beyond. 

However, we also believe that our pupils have a responsibility to promote the rights of children in local, national and global communities. We encourage all students to accept their responsibility as members of the next generation to recognise the need for children's rights to be realised everywhere and to develop a stronger sense of the need to act for global justice. 

To this end, over the years we have organised a number of events to raise awareness of issues locally, nationally and globally.

For example, 

  • A 'Fun Run' to raise money for NSPCC and Childline.
  • Toiletries donation to HABS (Homeless Action in Barnet).
  • 'Day for Change' to raise money to purchase mosquito nets for orphans in Ghana.
  • Sending IT equipment to Sierra Leone. 
  • Participation in OUTRIGHT writing letters to MPs, corporations etc.
  • Protest for Zebra Crossing on Greyhound Hill.
  • 'Climate for Change Day' to raise awareness of children's rights.
  • Sending books to a school in Ghana.
  • Fundraising to raise money to plant trees in the Kenyan rainforest.