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Sunnyfields Primary

Parent Feedback regarding remote learning

At Sunnyfields we are committed to supporting learning, overcoming barriers and promoting emotional well-being. During lockdown, lessons went online for three quarters of our children including:

  • twice daily registration 
  • recorded lessons in maths, English
  • live arithmetic lessons with live marking sessions
  • focus on foundation subjects including recorded Spanish and music
  • lessons intervention groups                                       
  • 1:1 online daily reading sessions 

We were delighted with the feedback from parents:

“I am so grateful to all the staff at Sunnyfields Primary for their continued support and help during the lockdown. My boys enjoyed their online lessons, especially the morning and afternoon meets so they could see and chat to friends.  The work was easily accessible and teachers were always on hand to help. The school did every child proud”    Y6 parent

I would like to take the opportunity and thank all Sunnyfields stuff for working so hard during the lockdown. The management has been amazing thank you Ms Meyer and all the team. The office staff were so helpful answering all calls. The music teachers were providing us the best videos to teach children at home. Finally, the teachers and              teacher assistants were absolutely amazing. I would like to thank Miss Rich and all year 1 team for all their amazing work as they were so kind, patient and active with children during that difficult time. The videos were so clear and helpful. The homework was so organised and was marked on daily basis so my children made really good progress. Thank you for all the amazing support.                                                                     Y1 parent

“Online learning was tough to get used to. But I just think the kids and the staff really need a great big round of applause because they made it really easy to get on with the work and to manage the time appropriately. For myself and the kids we found that we all had a love for English and that we loved to write stories”.                                            Y5 parent

We as parents are really thankful to all of the staff in Sunnyfields Primary school, specifically teachers of year 5 who pour heart & soul in to daily lessons during the home schooling. Mr Richard is one of the best teachers , whom students love the most. His hard work in providing clear lessons, setting up lots of online resources which students needed during the lockdown & his passion for his students is inspiring to us as parents. We also appreciate the school for proving laptops for students"                                              Y5 parent                                                                                 

“The online learning was well organised and help the children a lot to not fall behind on the curriculum.
Thank you to all the teachers and the school for organising the live meetings so children could get help with their work and keep a minimum of social contact with the class”       Y4 parent

“I was very happy with the online schooling. My child was able to keep up with the work which he found  both challenging and fun. Thank you”.                                                Y3 parent

I’ve been really impressed with the videos for the home learning content that Mrs. Coutinho has gone through the effort of making. They have been very Informative and even I as a parent have enjoyed watching and learning the way children learn.  I particularly like the way Mrs Coutinho teaches  in the videos as she has a very calm and soothing voice but firm as well. The videos are clear with perfect instructions. It’s been interesting to see all the different subjects the children have been learning along the way and I feel the subjects have been taught very well online. Mrs Coutinho has done a fantastic Job in keeping up the morale for my child”.                                                      Y3 parent                   

“My sincere thanks to all Sunnyfields stuff. From Ms Meyer’s leadership, to the school’s readiness to home learning, updates and commitment to keeping the children’s education going has been phenomenal. I personally enjoyed the virtual “afternoon tea” for parents and looking forward to the “How to develop your child’s confidence and self- esteem” workshop. I would also like to express a special thank you to the Year 2 class team; Miss Colebrook, Ms Malaj and Ms Neha who were absolutely amazing throughout the lockdown. One of my son’s favourite part of home learning has been when the class completed ‘The Pied Piper’. Miss Colebrook asked the class to write questions they would like to ask ‘The Pied Piper’ and the next day she dressed as Pied Pier to answer their questions.
This past year, the school has lived up to “A small school doing big things”.                      Y2 parent       

“A big thank you to Miss O'Donnell and Miss Jones for working tirelessly to deliver exceptional learning experience to our children”.                                                            Reception parent

“The nursery teacher and staff were absolutely wonderful during the lockdown period, while children were looked after in the nursery they had to set up online learning and I know it was not easy. Our favourite part of online learning was that time my daughter showed her work to her teacher and got nice feedback, I could see her cheerful face. We appreciated that”.                                                                                                        Nursery parent

“It has been a positive experience for my child to have the routine through daily log ins and stories. It has made returning to nursery and settling back much more easier. Friendly and warm greetings from Miss Cattini were registered well with my little one and kept the memory fresh of being at the nursery whilst in the lockdown. Massive thank you to all the staff for their support”.                                                                                                Nursery parent