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Helping with Writing

To support your child's writing, have regular discussions with them about what they have been learning in English at school. Ask them what they feel they have improved in their writing and ask them to show you an example of how to use this new skill.

If you would like to create a piece of writing with your child then below are listed some fantastic hooks that could be used:

  1. Write party invitations.
  2. Encourage children to write thank you letters after birthdays and Christmas.
  3. Write postcards when on holiday.
  4. Keep a diary or a journal when they go on holiday.
  5. Write menu for a family meal or party.
  6. E-mail a family member or friend.
  7. Make a scrap book with labels and captions – maybe after a holiday or special event.
  8. Write short stories involving the adventures of their favourite toys.
  9. Produce their own comic.
  10. Write an information leaflet about something they find interesting eg. dinosaurs, sports etc.
  11. Write a letter to a favourite author.
  12. Invent and write rules for the house, bedroom etc. and put on a poster
  13. Draw, label and explain their own inventions. Make up silly sentences and tongue twisters.
  14. Talk to different generations of family about their life and compile a family history.

Spelling Shed is an excellent resource to support your child with improving their spelling.

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