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Helping with Reading

Why should children read for 20 minutes every day?

Reading for 20 minutes a day is absolutely essential for all children. For information about why it is so important for your child to read for 20 minutes a day please click here.

At Sunnyfields, we strive to expose children to a range of genres and authors, sending them home with a number of different books across the term to enjoy. Read with your child daily if you can as this will foster a love of reading. The older your children become, the more they will read independently. However from a young age and as they move through the school it is important that you read with them. You can support their reading by incorporating some of the following strategies at home:

  • Take it in turns to read a page each.
  • Play games with them such as eye spy where you can look for words that relate to a certain thing such as weather or play snap where they have to find words that rhyme with one another.
  • Stop stories at key points and ask if your child can predict what is going to happen next.
  • Act out sections of the book that you are reading, putting on funny voices for the different characters.
  • If your child has a particular interest then try and find books that link to that area. Your local libraries are a great place to start to find these books. For opening times to Hendon Library please click here.
  • Ask questions about your children's book. Click here for some suggestions about the sorts of questions that you could ask them.

Please ensure that either the parents/carers or the children are making at least five entries into the reading record on a weekly basis. As the children move into Key Stage 2 it is expected that they make a majority/all of the entries.