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Home Learning

All work must be either completed or downloaded by 3.30pm as it will be updated for the following day.

On this page you will find the work for your child to carry out at home. Daily maths and English work will be set for children to complete

Other tasks will also be set, simply click on the boxes and the work will appear on your computer. 

Please complete all the work in a book or paper that you put into a folder. Do not feel the need to print out any of the sheets.

A nice little thing to do

From now on, every time you wish you could do something, go somewhere, treat yourselves, see someone close to you, visit a new place, invite a friend over or go to their house, write it down on a post it note and put it in a jar. When all this is over this will be your list and you can work your way through the jar and be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in your lives. Until then, enjoy watching the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to!


Easter holiday 

 Can you escape the room?

Attached are a series of clues that you have solve to work out the 10 digit pin code to exit the room. Click here to see the lock that you need to open. 

The answer will be posted at the end of Easter.

 Over Easter, I would like you to think about what makes you brilliant.

Follow the link above to a poetry workshop with Zohab Zee Khan. Work through your poems with him and feel free to add poetic devices such as rhyming couplets.

Once you have written your poem I would like you to draw a self portrait with sketches of what makes you brilliant all around you.

Below are some links to portrait tutorials you could use:

Prompt cards

Basic sketch

Detailed sketch

I would like these to be uploaded at the end of Easter onto purple mash as I would love to see them.

Over Easter, continue to read your book every day for 20 minutes. I would like you to fill out your reading diary 4 to 5 times a week just talking about how one particular character is changing as the books move on. Maybe they are forming a closer relationship to another partner.

I would like you to create a fact file about the country that you and your family are from. These do not have to be completed until the end of Easter holidays and I would love it if you would upload them onto our blog when you are done.

If you do not have a printer it's fine, just create your own fact files in your books.

 Keep blogging over Easter, click above to go to the website.

If you would like  instructions for how to add or find the blog click here

There is no SPaG work until after the Easter holidays.

If you would like the mark scheme for the mat work please click here

 Spellings will start up again after Easter. 

 Get active with Jo Wicks from Monday 23rd at 9:00am! It is on his YouTube channel. Get the whole family involved and stay active. :) 

 Additional learning support

Visual Timetable - example

Visual Timetable - school based

Visual Timetable - at home

In-task Checklist

Speech and Language

Focus and Concentration


A little note from Ms. Kendall

Hello Children, 

I hope you will all keep singing while you are at home!

This week's link takes you to music that lets you can listen to and can explore visually. There are there are lots more on this site.  (You need permission from your parents to view the video).