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Home Learning

All work must be either completed or downloaded by 3.30pm as it will be updated for the following day.

On this page you will find the work for your child to carry out at home. Daily maths and English work will be set for children to complete

Other tasks will also be set, simply click on the boxes and the work will appear on your computer. 

If you do not have a computer then all work can be completed in the work books that have been provided.

Please put the date and title of the piece of work. 

Please complete all the work in a book or paper that you put into a folder. Do not feel the need to print out any of the sheets.

Easter holidays

During the holidays, read every day for twenty minutes and write a short summary in your reading diary. Three to four sentences would be an adequate amount. 


Can you solve the mystery? 

Your task is to solve the five clues and use the character descriptions of all the people who have a connection with the Women's Institute and the building the meetings are held in, to work out who the despicable costume wrecker is!

Good luck!


 If you fancy something tougher, try to solve the mystery above but I warn you, it is hard so you may need to ask your family, phone your friends and carry out a bit of research here and there! If you want to do both tasks, go for it :). 


 Over Easter, I would like you to think about what makes you brilliant.

Follow the link above to a poetry workshop with Zohab Zee Khan. Work through your poems with him and feel free to add poetic devices such as rhyming couplets, similes, metaphors, personification etc.

Once you have written your poem, I would like you to draw a self portrait with sketches of what makes you brilliant all around you.

Below are some links to portrait tutorials you could use:

Prompt cards

Basic sketch

Detailed sketch

I would like these to be uploaded at the end of Easter onto purple mash as I would love to see them.


Science work due back after the Easter holidays. This is not your Easter homework so try to complete it over the next few days. 


 Over Easter, working with your whole family, please create a fact file about the country you and your family are from. Attached is a sheet that you could fill out or you could make a poster, leaflet, PowerPoint, a poster on Microsoft Word or even write a poem. Whatever you want to do...do it! If you want to draw your country's flag and write lots of facts around it like the language spoken, religion/s practised, food, culture, physical features like rivers, mountains, beaches etc, then go ahead :)

These do not have to be completed until the end of Easter holidays and I would love it if you would upload them onto our blog when you are done.

 I've finally become a blogger so write to me on our class blog on PM. I have written to you all so feel free to write anything back :).

If you would like  instructions for how to add or find the blog click here.


 Spellings to be practised over the Easter holidays. 


Did anyone dress up today? Let me know on PM :). 




 Additional learning support

Visual Timetable - example

Visual Timetable - school based

Visual Timetable - at home

In-task Checklist

Speech and Language

Focus and Concentration


A little note from Ms. Kendall

Hello Children, 

I hope you will all keep singing while you are at home!

I have chosen some songs for you that you know and there are some new ones to learn too. Have fun.

 If you want to try a daily challenge, here is a friend of mine in Scotland who is posting something each day for you to try. Some of these are for those of you who are younger, and some are also more difficult. Here is the link:-


Some ideas for you:

  • How about teaching these songs to the others in your home?

  • Have you tried singing in canon with someone else online?

  • You can sing them with your friends online.

  • Can you make up a game or actions to go with one of the songs?

  • Try making up some new verses.

 Remember if you sing every day it will help you feel happy and energetic.