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Home Learning 

Please complete all the work in a book or paper that you put into a folder.

Do not feel the need to print out any of the sheets.

Happy Easter Year 4s! 

April School Holidays Learning at Home Page



Welcome to your Easter Holidays Beech Class. I am sad that I didn't get to see all your faces before I left, but I do hope you get some rest over the holidays. Please don't cause your parents too much trouble, try to focus and really listen to the people in your family. 

Remember to be thankful and grateful for the things you have and treat everyone with kindness and respect. I know what it is like to a have sibling, so please treasure the moments you have and find a reason to smile each day. 


 A little activity to keep you entertained! 


From now on, every time you wish you could do something, go somewhere, treat yourselves, see someone close to you, visit a new place, invite a friend over or go to their house, write it down on a post it note/piece of paper and put it in a jar. When all this is over this will be your list and you can work your way through the jar and be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in your lives. Until then, enjoy watching the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to!

Easter Learning at Home Content 

Welcome to your learning at home page. I have set some work for you to do throughout the holidays to keep you and your brain active.

It it up to you and your parents how much of the maths booklet you complete. It is expected that you complete at least 10 pages. It is up to you what pages you choose and when you choose to do them. :)

Keep up with learning your times tables:  



https://ttrockstars.com - You have the login :) 

Poetry Unit  

 Over Easter, I would like you to think about what makes you brilliant - look at the video above to learn how to structure a poem. 

Follow the link above to a poetry workshop with Zohab Zee Khan. Work through your poems with him and feel free to add poetic devices such as rhyming couplets.

Once you have written your poem I would like you to draw a self portrait with sketches of what makes you brilliant all around you.

Below are some links to portrait tutorials you could use:

Prompt cards

Basic sketch

Detailed sketch

I would like these to be uploaded at the end of Easter onto purple mash as I would love to see them. 

Varjak Writing Unit

If you didn't complete the writing unit throughout the term, you may wish to continue and get the review finished. I have uploaded the task sheet on here for you to see. 


Click reading to get the comprehension task. 

Over Easter, continue to read a book every day for 20 minutes. I would like you to fill out your reading diary 4 to 5 times a week.

You may wish to: 

* Summarise your story/chapter

* Make predictions about the story and what you think might happen/how the story might end

* Explain your opinion / do you like the book? / do you like the character? 

* Describe a character / setting 

I am hoping that you all have a book to read at home, even if you a reading a book for the second time. I have provided a reading comprehension to complete during the holidays - it is your decision if you want to complete the comprehension task or not. 

Mindfulness Colouring / Kids Yoga / Smiling Minds  

Please take some time each day to be calm a relax your body and mind. 

There are some colouring sheets that can be printed OR you could try and create your own.
You may also wish to watch the video link - go on youtube and type in smiling minds/kids yoga to find more videos. 



Keep Active during the holidays! 

Youtube can be great in times like this!

Type in Just dance, or Joe Wicks to get more videos.  




Fractions - Day 7!

Starter and Activity in the one PowerPoint today. 

Complete if you want additional work!

Daily Maths with Video Link and Activity!  Please click on the White Rose Maths link above and it will redirect you to the website. This is the scheme of learning we follow as a school for Mathematics.There is a weeks worth of learning including a daily video clip and accompanying worksheet.Please complete one lesson per day!These do not need to be printed and can be written (and drawn) directly into workbooks or onto paper. Please remember to write the date at the top of the page each day. You need to write the question number for each question and show all of your working out. 



This task can lead into the holidays if you need more time and want something to do.  

Here is SPAG for the remainder of the week.   You have the rest of the week to complete this task.You do not need to write the questions, just the answers in full sentences.


Spelling Shed - You have one week to learn this spelling list. Can you please complete the activities in your book throughout the week and ask a parent to test you on Friday.(Please complete the test on Friday in the same book)  


  You have until Tuesday next week to complete these Science tasks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-xKZKxXuu0  


Additional Support

Visual Timetable - example

Visual Timetable - school based

Visual Timetable - at home

In-task Checklist

Reading and Writing

Focus and Concentration 

A little note from Ms. Kendall

Hello Children, 

I hope you will all keep singing while you are at home!

This week's link takes you to music that lets you listen to and explore visually. There are  lots more on this site.  (You need permission from your parents to view the video).