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On this page you will find the work for your child to carry out at home.  Maths and Phonics activities will be set for children to complete and will be updated every Monday and Thursday.

Other links to useful websites have been added, simply click on the boxes and the tabs will appear on your computer. 

Please continue to practise your child's name in lower-case letters with a capital letter to start.

Easter Holiday Activities 

 Good Afternoon Children and Parents!

Here are some activities and ideas to keep you busy over the Easter Holidays.


Watch and listen to this story about Easter eggs and then design your own eggs using the template below or one you have drawn yourself.  How have you chosen to decorate your egg?  Can you talk about your design to an adult?


Design your own Easter Eggs


Because you are all so great at making things, why not have a go at one of these ideas, or try one of your own...


What makes you brilliant?  

All the children at Sunnyfields will be taking part in this activity and here is what you need to do...

Over Easter, I would like you to think about what makes you brilliant and talk to an adult at home about it.  You should then draw a picture of yourself; write, copy or trace your name underneath, and then ask an adult to write what makes you so brilliant around your picture.  

If an adult is able to upload these to minimash at the end of Easter, that would be fantastic, as I would love to see them!  If not, please keep them and I will see them soon.




 Amazon Audible is currently free - children can stream a fantastic range of stories on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  Click image below for link.


Mrs. Munteanu has made a beautiful rainbow with her children; you could make one at home with your family, too.  You could draw, paint or collage your rainbow and put it in your window to brighten up someone's day.  



When you have completed the activity, can you draw your own 2D shape picture?

Can you tell an adult how many sides and corners each shape has?  Are they straight or curved?  

Can you see any 2D shapes in your home?



Useful websites and links:

Do you remember the action for each sound?  What sound does your name start with?  Can you think of something that starts with each sound?  i.e. apple starts with 'a'.

 Can you sing the songs to an adult?




This website has some wonderful ideas for engaging and exciting practical activities to do at home!


Search for 'Sunnyfields Primary School'

Mini Mash Username: nam

Password: nam


Children should play Phase 1 and 2 games


The Numberblocks are fantastic for developing your child's understanding of number. 


Topmarks has a great selection of games and activities - search for 'Early Years' in the Age Group search bar.



Joe Wicks - The Body Coach - will be hosting a free workout for children daily, Monday - Friday at 9am

 Additional learning support

Visual Timetable - school based

Visual Timetable - at home

Speech and Language - Sequencing steps

Physical and Sensory


A little note from Ms. Kendall

Hello Children, 

I hope you will all keep singing while you are at home!

This week's link takes you to music that lets you listen to and explore visually. There are  lots more on this site.  (You need permission from your parents to view the video).