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Sunnyfields Primary

Physical Education

‘Exercise activates your brain and gives you energy for everything else, the energy to be enthusiastic about your work. All your school work will gain from physical education.’

Dame Darcey Andrea Bussell DBE, an English retired ballerina

What we want to achieve: 

P.E. is about pupils learning about themselves: their capabilities, their potential and their limitations.

It is the foundation of all sport participation but it goes beyond the individual and understanding themselves, it is learning how to work with and respect others. Here at Sunnyfields, we believe being physically active has a positive influence on academic achievement and emotional stability and therefore see P.E. as a crucial part of a child’s development. During their time here pupils will be taught the importance of being physically active, will participate in activities that develop cardio-vascular health, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance and, develop social skills by co-operating in groups and teams. Children will learn to respect the conventions of fair play, learn to be honest, to be a reciprocal learner and how to be an effective team member.

How we want to achieve it: 

Physical education at Sunnyfields consists of at least two hours of high quality lessons per week.

It will involve the pupils in the continuous process of planning, performing and evaluating in all areas of physical activity. During Key Stage 1 the children will take part in dance, ball skills, gymnastics, athletics, tennis and dodgeball. In Key Stage 2 the children will take part in dance, games, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, invasion games and a leadership unit.


Every opportunity will be taken to ensure that all children have the opportunity to access and enjoy PE.

Lessons will be differentiated to ensure all children are accommodated for and all learning needs are met.

P.E. Kit

All children must have a P.E. kit in school for all P.E. lessons. A full P.E. kit includes the following items:

  • House coloured T-Shirt (blue, green, red or yellow)
  • Black shorts that are an appropriate fit.
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (winter months).
  • Sweatshirt (winter months).
  • Trainers or plimsolls.

P.E. kits must stay in school throughout the week as schedules can sometimes be altered. All kits will be sent home every half term to be washed. Children in Year’s 5 and 6 are encouraged to take them home more frequently when necessary.

 Physical education curriculum map - click here

The impact Sunnyfields Primary School’s P.E. curriculum has on pupils:

  • The vast majority of pupils meet or exceed their expected progress in Physical  Education
  • Pupils are well-prepared for the next stage of their education.
  • Analysis of physical education attainment indicates that the majority of children in each year group meet the expected standard.
  • Leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork and physical activity is embedded across the school and feeds in to all subjects. Excellent progress in P.E. has a significant benefit for pupils in all other subjects.