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"Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul"        Plato

What we want to achieve

We believe that Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. We aim to deliver a high-quality musical education in order to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians. In this way, we intend to increase their confidence, creativity, concentration and musicality. 

Lessons build their skills in order to prepare them to perform in front of an audience and to take the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, read and write musical notation. Children are encouraged to think like a musician. This means that they learn to explore, perform, play, rehearse, improvise and compose. They also learn about music history and have the opportunity to listen and respond to different types of music. Singing is central to musical development and therefore children in Early Years and both Key Stages are able to take part in music performances. We have regular musical events throughout the year where singing plays an invaluable role, such as the Wider Opportunities Concert for parents of Year 5 children.

How we want to achieve it

We are most fortunate to be able to enjoy the support of a music specialist who joins the Sunnyfields staff twice a week to teach the Music National Curriculum. Every class has the opportunity to benefit from weekly music lessons and, in the weeks proceeding a whole school performance, year groups enjoy a singing lesson in addition to the music lesson. In addition to whole school concerts, children usually perform a song or musical composition at class assemblies. We also ensure that children are given the extraordinary opportunity to learn a musical instrument through their participation with the 'Wider Opportunities' scheme.

All pupils are actively involved in learning music which requires that pupils will learn by:-

  • Singing
  • Playing
  • Improvising
  • Composing
  • Listening
  • Social/Moral/Spiritual/Cultural Development.

Different musical stimuli will be used to develop all aspects of all these areas of development: singing, playing instruments, listening to music, performing music, moving to music and understanding the elements of music.

Assessment takes place through the evaluation of singing, playing, use of notation, exploration, creativity and pupil responses to musical stimuli in a variety of situations.

Click her to see our Curriculum Map

Musical Achievements 

At Sunnyfields, we value music highly and we ensure that children have every opportunity to showcase their talents.

Periodically our children are thrilled to be invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall with English Pocket Opera. 

Every year we host the Infant Music Festival and annually participate in the Junior Music Festival at the Arts Depot. 

Sunnyfields Choir

Children love music at Sunnyfields and contributing as part of the Sunnyfields Choir plays a very important part in helping to develop their confidence and musicality.

It allows them to become ambassadors for the school, perform in front of an audience and gives them a sense of pride in their achievements. 

This year our choir are very exciting to perform on the stage at the Arts Depot in North Finchley.

Would you like to learn a musical instrument?

Sunnyfields offers music tuition in Brass- Trumpet, Tenor Horn or Trombone, Clarinet and Piano.

Children are taught in groups for Brass and Woodwind and have individual Piano lessons. They have the opportunity of taking music medals and exams and this encourages them greatly. They also perform to their parents in assemblies and concerts.

Music plays a very important role in class assemblies. Over the year, we see the different ways in which the curriculum incorporates music, particularly in class assemblies.

Click here to hear Year 4 playing the cornet at the Christmas concert. They had only been practicing for a short while!

Lessons are provided through Barnet Education Arts Trust and you can book here https://beatrust.org.uk/enrol/school-based-instrumental-lessons/