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At Sunnyfields, we are passionate about history. Committed to inspiring children to become fascinated, we aim to give children access to primary and secondary sources so that they can find out about the past, learn about the key features of various historical periods, such as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, the Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Tudors at the same time as developing important skills. 

The curriculum is arranged in chronological order so that the younger children learn about ancient civilizations and older children study more recent periods. We believe that it is important to build historical knowledge and therefore children learn about famous people from the past, for example Neil Armstrong and Florence Nightingale. We also enable children to find out about particular events in history, the Great Fire of London for example.

We are also keen to ensure that children develop historical skills. Teachers organise various activities so that children can compare and contrast the past and the present, or between different periods and develop a chronological awareness. For example, pupils may be asked to compare and contrast an Anglo Saxon dwelling with a modern day home.

Teachers make learning interesting and fun. For example, they may provide opportunities for pupils to work as real historians by handling artefacts from the past to encourage children to ask questions, carry out research and share their findings with classmates. At Sunnyfields, we have an Ecology Garden where we organise archaeological digs to engage children's interest. We regularly arrange special events such 'History Days' where children and staff dress up as famous people from different periods in history. Such events ensure that learning is brought to life and children enjoy their lessons.

We also undertake educational visits and workshops as we believe that trips to Roman theatres or Tudor palaces, for example, engage the children and give them opportunities to actively participate in historical activities. Hopefully the photographs illustrate not only why so many pupils enjoy the subject at Sunnyfields but why history plays such an important role in both their education and personal development.

 History Curriculum 2020

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