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Sunnyfields Primary




We believe that Art at Sunnyfields stimulates creativity and imagination whilst giving the child unique opportunities to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. 

The children use a wide range of materials and learn the techniques and skills of drawing, painting, collage, printing, sculpture and digital art through a skills based curriculum with many opportunities to apply these skills across the curriculum. 

They learn to develop their own styles, be inventive and creative whilst developing critical thinking skills in making links to other curriculum area, world culture and the world around us. 


Every year group learns the core art techniques of painting and drawing, whilst other techniques of collage, sculpture, printing and digital art are visited in a quality manner across KS1 and KS2. 

This is our long term curriculum plan for 

Autumn Spring Summer Artist inspiration
Early years

Colour mixing and painting techniques e.g. dribbling, splashing and smearing. 


Painting using different sized brushes. 


Printing with found objects or playdough or salt dough


Clay work - sculpting with fingers


Creating patterns on Salt-dough  

Colour and Texture exploration


Collage with a variety of materials. 


Mixed media art






Van Gogh 

Year 1 Painting Printing Collage


Jasper Johns

Patrick Heron

Year 2 Painting Digital Art Sculpture

Wassily Kandinsky

Anthony Frost

Barbara Hepworth

Year 3 Painting Collage  Printing

Vincent Van Gogh


Sean Scully

Paul Klee

Victor Vasarely

Howard Hodgkin

Year 4 Painting Digital Art Sculpture

J.M.W. Turner

Georgia O’Keefe

Andy Warhol

Roy Lichtenstein

Michael Brennand-Wood

Diana Rojas

Year 5 Painting Sculpture Printing


Frank Auerbach

Chris Ofili

Fauvist paintings Andre Derain

Jean Davy Winter

Year 6 Painting Collage Digital Art

Pablo Picasso

George Braque

Patrick Caulfield

Gustav Klimt

Marlina Vera

Julian Opie