At Sunnyfields we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to take part in Sports. We are firm believers that children who do well on the sports pitch receive a confidence boost that helps them do even better in the classroom. Therefore, we try to ensure that all children enjoy a range of Sports and benefit from the experience. As a result Sunnyfields has been awarded the Sainsbury's School Games Gold Award.

We have excellent facilities including a hall with wall bars, two playgrounds and an astro turf. The astro has recently enjoyed a million pound investment by Middlesex University which has a 3G surface which provides an excellent surface for football and games. It also has a climbing wall and tennis/netball courts.

In May 2016 we held a ‘Well Being Week’ with lots of opportunities for the children to be active. For example, the week started with the whole school gathering on our astro turf together with parents, teachers and governors for some exercises. The year groups were able to rotate around a carousel of activities such as javelin and circuit training.

Every year we hold Sports Days for the children. The events for different aged children are arranged on different days to ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate in more than one event, such as a running event, relay race with a baton, obstacle course or dressing up race.

In September 2016 we launched our cycling to school programme called Bike It. We are working closely with Sustrans, a charity that promotes sustainable travel, arranging activities for children as well as their parent’s to highlight the benefits of cycling or scooting to school. Activities have included:-

  • Children and their parents cycling to school together and then having a Biker’s Breakfast.
  • Workshops for Years 5 and 6.
  • Bling your bike or scooter.
  • Cycle lessons for parents.

During a recent Book Week, we arranged for a local author, Johnny Zucker to talk to the children about his writing. Johnny Zucker, an author of children’s books has a passion for sports and he explained that he often writes about football. As a result of his interest in football and our commitment to sports, we arranged for Johnny Zucker to join the staff for an Adult vs Children’s Football Match. The adults were determined and gave their all but the children were incredibly agile and victorious!


Sunnyfields enjoyed the recent Olympics in Rio, 2016 and avidly followed the fortunes of various athletes. We also held series of assemblies about ‘Inspirational People’ which culminated in a special event called ‘Inspiration Day’ where children had the opportunity to dress up as someone who has inspired them. Some children dressed as athletes and sports stars. Before the Rio Olympics, Danny Lawrence came to Sunnyfields to demonstrate his talents and to share his life story and top tips for becoming a successful athlete. Danny Lawrence was a Silver Medallist at the London Olympics, 2012 and the children found his talk highly inspirational and they took part in a fitness circuit with Danny and raised over £1000 for Schools for Sports.

For details about our Sports Clubs such as Boys Football, Girls Football, Netball, Cricket, Athletics, Street Dance, Multi-Sports and Gymnastics please see our Clubs page.

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