School trips

At Sunnyfields, we highly value opportunities to take children on Educational Visits. We believe that visits to places of interest are of great educational value and are actively encouraged because:

  • Educational Visits enable children to gain first hand experience of things that cannot be achieved/replicated in the classroom.
  • Educational Visits provide a stimulating experience for children, provoking interest and curiousity.
  • Educational Visits enhance the learning of the children, enriching their understanding and broadening their knowledge.
  • Educational Visits provide opportunities for children to enjoy different social experiences.

Therefore, we aim for children to enjoy visits to a range of different places of interest over the year.

Here are some of the places classes have visited recently or are planning to enjoy. 


                                         Year 1

                                   Science Museum
                                       Local Area



                                                Year 2

                                    Fire of London Monument
                                           London Zoo
                                        Regent's Theatre
                              Florence Nightingale Workshop


                Year 3

          British Museum
         Science Museum 
       Little Angel Theatre
          Petrie Museum 
          Hindu Temple

                                                                 Year 4

                                                       St. Albans Veralanium
                                                        Museum of London
                                                    Natural History Museum


                                         Year 5

                                      River Lee
                                Tower of London
                                 Hampton Court
                                   Golden Hinde
                         Hendon Reform Synagogue                                                                              Middlesex University


                                      Year 6

                                    RAF Museum
                                    London Eye
                                   Kew Gardens
                                    Town Hall
                                   London Zoo
                               Middlesex University