Religious Studies

We recognise that the children at Sunnyfields are religiously diverse, with representatives from every major faith attending the school. This diversity provides rich opportunities for children to reflect upon their own experiences, to share their thoughts and understanding and to learn from one another. We take every opportunity to extend children’s knowledge and understanding of the different religions and ethical beliefs and we are very proud of the respect our pupils show to one another’s faith.

At Sunnyfields we use an enquiry based approach to RE and children are offered opportunities to learn about Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Judaism. Teachers ensure children are offered a variety of experiences within their lessons, for example, opportunities to handle artefacts, examine photographs, make clay divas or cook religious food. In addition, they are given time to discuss religious ideas and beliefs so that RE is as stimulating and interesting as possible.


Children also have the opportunity to visit places of worship. In the past, children from Sunnyfields have visited the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden, St Mary’s Church in Hendon, Hendon Reform Synagogue, West Hendon Mosque and Brent Sikh Gurudwara.

We take every opportunity to raise awareness of a variety of festivals and sometimes invite parents to special assemblies to celebrate particular religious events such as Eid, Diwali, Easter or Guru Nanak’s birthday. Through assemblies and lessons we encourage children to consider the similarities between religions as well as appreciating the differences between faiths and remind children about the importance of respect and tolerance.

Sunnyfields RE Curriculum Map











Nursery –  Myself

What makes me unique and special?

To whom am I special?

Why our names are chosen?

How do we celebrate our uniqueness?

What are the stages in our lives?

Reception – Belonging (family)

What makes us unique and special?

Who is special to me?

What groups do people belong to?

What does it mean to belong to a family?

Reception – Belonging (community)

What does it mean to belong to a community?

What does it mean to belong to a religious community?

Why is belonging important?


Year 1


Believing in God (Islam/Christianity)

What do people believe about God, humanity and the natural world?

Why do we need rules?

What is the difference between right and wrong behaviour?

Celebration (Christmas)

What events do we celebrate?

What religious festivals are celebrated?

Special places (Hinduism/Judaism)

What makes a place special?

What makes a place feel special?

Stories and special books (Bible and Qur’an)

What stories do they contain?

Leaders and teachers (Jesus and Moses)

How do people help us lead our lives?

Whom do we admire and why?

What special stories are there about these religious leaders?


What symbols do we use in everyday life?


Year 2

Believing in God (Judaism)

How do these beliefs affect the way we live our lives and care for our world?

Why is prayer important?

How do faith groups show their belief in God?

Celebration (Chanukah/Dawali)

Why and how do we celebrate religious festivals?

What are the similarities and differences between the celebrations of festivals?

Special places (Islam)

What are special places for religious people?

What happens in places of worship?

Leaders and teachers (Muhammad)

What leaders are important in religion?

Who are the religious leaders from the faiths in our class?

What did they believe about God?

How did this affect the way they lived their lives?

Symbols (Sikhism)

What symbols do we use in everyday life?

Why do we use symbols?

What symbols do religions use and why?

How and why symbols express religious meaning?


Year 3

Inspirational people (Jesus and Muhammad)

What people inspire us?

Why are these people inspirational?

Who do religious people regard as inspirational?

Religion and the individual

What does it mean to belong to a religion?

What is expected of you?

Does it affect:

  • What you eat?
  • How you organise your day?
  • What you wear?
  • When and where you worship?

What are the restrictions?

What are the benefits?

Religion, family and the community (Sikhism)

What makes time and places special?

How religious families and communities practice their faith, and the contributions they make to local life?

What happens in places of worship?

What do the religious places of worship teach us about those religions?

Does religion make a difference to our community?


Year 4

Symbols and religious expressions

Why are signs and symbols important?

Do religions share symbols? Why?

Can art be used to express religious belief?


Sacred text (Torah)

Why do we value favourite books and stories?

What are the sacred texts and sources that inform religions?

What do these sacred texts and other sources say about:

  • God?
  • The world?
  • How do people think the world was made?
  • Human life?


Key beliefs and teachings

What helps me choose well?

Is self-discipline important in life?

Why are bridge-builders important in life?


Year 5


Worship (Judaism)

What occasions inspire and influence people?

What, how and why do we celebrate and commemorate?

What religious festivals are celebrated and why?

How are beliefs and values expressed through worship?

Inspirational people

Why were their lives of such significance?

What did they do and why was it important?

How do people follow their example today?

Beliefs in action

How do religions and beliefs respond to global issues of:

  • Human rights?
  • Justice and fairness?
  • Social justice?
  • The importance of the environment?


 Year 6

Pilgrimage and sacred places

What are some of the wonders of the world today?

What and where are the sacred places associated with religion?

  • Locally?
  • Nationally?
  • Globally?

Why do millions of religious believers travel to sacred places?

What does the experience mean to them?

Does it change them and their attitude towards religion?

Journey of life and death

Where do we come from and where do we go?

What is life?

What is life like?

What happens when we die and is there life after death?

Transition unit

Reflection on knowledge and understanding about the religions studied.

Click below for the enquiry based topic sheets:

RE WEEK - 8th February 2016


Years 1 - 6 visited different places of worship during RE week. This was part of their RE journey and they were able to access and learn about different faith in their religious settings. 

Year 1 - St Mary's Church  Tuesday 9th February

Year 2 - West Hendon Mosque Tuesday 9th February

Year 3 - Brent Sikh Centre Thursday 11th February

Year 4 - BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Friday 12th February

Year 5 - Hendon Reform Synagogue Wednesday 10th February

Year 6 - St Mary's Church Thursday 11th February

Individual class visits inspired wonderful RE Hall displays
Maple class visit to St Mary's church
Cherry class trip to Hendon Mosque
Birch class visit to Sikh centre
Beech class trip to Mandir
Ash class trip to Hendon Reform Synagogue
Oak class trip to St Mary's church