At Sunnyfields we aim to foster an enthusiasm for mathematics in all our children and help them to develop their mathematical abilities to the full. Our maths teaching builds on early experiences and is organised into blocks which cover counting partitioning and calculating, securing number facts, handling data, measures and understanding shape.

At Sunnyfields, we recognise that within each strand the using and applying aspect is of paramount importance.



Our Aims

  • To equip children with the mathematical skills they will need to play a full and active part in society
  • To provide activities to meet the needs of all the children and provide equal access to the Mathematics curriculum so that their full potential is achieved.
  • To develop the ability to use a range of different strategies, think logically, express mathematical ideas clearly, using a wide variety of mathematical language and make mathematical calculations.
  • To promote a positive attitude to mathematics so that children are confident to take risks.
  • To develop cross curricular links. 

Structure of the new curriculum for Maths

  • The new curriculum contains a Programme of Study for each year between Years 1 and 6.
  • The 2014 curriculum redistridutes existing curriculum topics. New topics are included in some Key Stages.
    • At KS1 there are four topics in the new curriculum: 'number'; 'shape and space' becomes 'geometry'; 'measure' is a topic by itself; and 'statistics' has been added for Year 2.
    • At KS2 the new Programme of Study for years 3 to 5 covers four topics: 'number'; 'shape, space and measure' has become 'geometry' and 'measure'; and 'statistics' has replaced 'data handling'. The new PoS for Year 6 covers six topics, including 'ratio and proportion' and 'algebra'.

Calculators are to be introduced near the end of KS2 only, when pupils have acquired good mental and written arithmetic skills.

Programme of studies (POS)

The following links show the topics to be covered by each year. The yellow highlight indicates where topics have been moved down from a higher year group.


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We made some videos to help you with Maths methods

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  • Right click and zoom to make the film bigger.
National Young Mathematicians' Award

Congratulations to Cat Tien, Daylan, Anton and Arianna for completing the first round successfully of the National Young Mathematicians Award and being invited to attend the second round.

They were given a challenging maths task and were not just judged on their maths skills but on the way in which they tackled the task and their team work.

Wessex Garden's Maths Challange

Congratulations to Omar, David, Lizzie, George and Wajidullah for coming joint first in the maths challenge at Wessex Gardens Primary School. They had to complete a variety of maths tasks and work effectively as a team.