Design & Technology

Design Technology is about children developing design and making skills that they can combine with specific knowledge and understanding in order to create and make quality products. The process should assist children in developing a greater awareness and understanding of how everyday products are designed and made. Children should also become increasingly aware of the technological contribution made to both our culture and quality of life.

At Sunnyfields we are teaching DT according to the New Curriculum (introduced in September 2014). We seek to provide our children with exciting cross-curricular opportunities that involve designing, investigating, making and evaluating products as well as focusing more on technical knowledge and cooking and nutrition.

The new scheme of work we use is underpinned by the six essentials of good practise in DT; User, purpose, functionality, design decisions, innovation and authenticity. Through embedding these DT essentials in planning, teaching and learning, we can ensure that children's learning is genuinely design and techonogical in nature.





Curriculum Map

DT Curriculum Map – Long term





Year 1

Mechanisms  – moving pictures

Structures - homes


Food – Bring on breakfast

Year 2

Textiles – Christmas stocking

Mechanisms - Vehicles – make a fire engine  



Food – Prepare to party

Year 3

Structures – Bird hide shelters

Food – Be a baker (bread)

Mechanism – cams

Year 4

Mechanism - Levers & Linkages mechanical posters

Food: Lovely lunch (sandwiches)

Structures - circuits

Year 5

Structures - Musical instruments

Mechanism – Cams in moving toys



Food -  Bread/ serve a salad

Year 6

Structures - Build shelters

Food – Grab and go

Textiles - Anti-pickpocketing purses


Puppets project at Sunnyfields

In the Summer term of 2015, Sunnyfields children participated in a 'Puppet Project'. This project involved children making a puppet out of paper cups and wooden sticks by marking, cutting and joining pieces of fabric and creating these wonderful puppets. To ensure that DT designing and making skills were applied in other areas of the curriculum, children first looked at Historical of story book characters, designed them and made their own puppets, eg. Henry the VIII wives (year 5), Ancient Egyptyians (year 3), aliens (year 1) etc.

This project provided excellent opportunities for the cross cirricular work in History or make up their own play or retell a familiar story in English. Children from Years 1-6 all enjoyed making them and presented to the school during their class assembles.

Here are some of the photos celebrating this project

Year 1 made their alien puppets based on the different characters from the book 'Alien Spotters Guide' written by Simon Bartam. Year 2 made puppets of people involved in the Great Fire of London.
Year 3 made Ancient Egyptian puppets. Year 4 made Anglo Saxon soldiers to reflect their learning on Anglo Saxons in History.
Year 5 made puppets for all the wives of Henry the VIII. Year 6 made puppets based on 'Wolf Brother' characters.