Cashless School

Apart from small donation collections and one-off sales of specialist items, we do not collect cash or cheque payments at Sunnyfields.

School Lunch Payments

ParentPay accounts and/or, if preferred, a PayPoint card are used to pay for school lunches. The school will create an account for parents. Lunch payments must be made in advance.

Secure online payments using your credit or debit card with ParentPay

You will have a secure online account, activated using a unique username and password; you will be prompted to change these, and to keep them safe and secure.  If you have more than one child at our school or children at other ParentPay schools, you can create a single account login for all your children.

Making a payment is straightforward and ParentPay holds a payment history for you to view at a later date; no card details are stored in any part of the system. Once you’ve activated your account you can make online payments straight away.

 Pay with cash using PayPoint

PayPoint payments are recorded by ParentPay and can be seen by logging into your ParentPay account and viewing your payment history online. The nearest PayPoint stores to school are JKS Minimart (272 Watford Way, NW4 4UP), Co-op Hendon Way (67-73 Watford Way, NW4 3AQ), Joys Newsmart (37 Finchley Lane, NW4 1BX) and Fastina Ltd (107-109 Brent Street, NW4 2DX)

Please notify Mrs Fox or Mrs Ronchetti if you wish to use the PayPoint facility for School Meals. A plastic card will be issued to you to make cash payments for school meals at local PayPoint stores. The first card is free of charge; however, any lost or damaged cards will be charged at £3 each.  Payment cards take about two weeks to arrive but we will issue a barcode letter as an interim measure. 

All Other Payments and Communications

ParentMail accounts are needed for curriculum trip donations, swimming lesson donations, nursery payments and library charges. Parents can access ParentMail at

We’d like to encourage all parents to download the APP as there are a number of benefits both to you and the school.

  • You don’t need to login to pick up messages or attachments when you use the App.
  • The App stores all the messages we send you in one place.
  • Every message sent arrives as an instant alert on your mobile.
  • You can also access ParentMail on your home computer.
  • Communicating with you is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, events and school news that really matters is something we care about. 
  • You help save us time and money!